Michigan Proposition 3 – VOTE YES!

“Michigan is in the national spotlight when it comes to renewable energy because of this critical ballot initiative. Voters can make Michigan a leader in the clean energy sector by voting yes on Proposal 3,” said Melissa Harrison with the NRDC Action Fund in a recent press release.  “Investing in clean energy will help to make the air cleaner and protect the Great Lakes. We support Proposal 3 because investing in renewable energy will create jobs while ultimately protecting public health.

Jessica Lass, Senior Press Secretary for the Natural Resource Defense Council recently visited 723 Spring Street in Ann Arbor for a tour of the home and interview regarding the upcoming proposition 3 on Michigan’s Ballot.  I explained why I felt that  Michigan’s Prop 3 renewable energy ballot initiative will help homeowners achieve net zero energy bills for their homes.

Click here to watch the video:  NRDC

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One Response to Michigan Proposition 3 – VOTE YES!

  1. Doug says:

    Please do what you can to turn out the vote. Despite the utilities and fossil fuel concerns spending $33 Million of OUR money to defeat this ballot proposal, this race is essentially tied, according to polling over the last 3 weeks. PLEASE get out the vote, every voter counts, especially with the amount of disinformation that has been spread around.

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