1st Year Solar Results

723 Spring Street just completed the first twelve months of solar photovoltaic energy generation.  The home is LEED Platinum Certified and was constructed to be extremely energy efficient with a geothermal ground source heat pump and engineered wall and roof systems.  The SunPower 8.64 kW system generated 12,711 kWhs over the first year of production and provided 44% of the of the total annual energy usage.  Based on BTU’s per square foot, 723 Spring Street uses 50% of similarly sized homes.  This annual energy reduction is the equivalent of 8 tons of carbon offset or 200 trees.   The net cost of the system was $57, 375 (invoice cost) – 15,552 (utility rebate) – $23,547 (federal tax credit) = $29,276 (net cost) or $3.39/watt.

The house also takes advantage of favorable electric usage rates for the geothermal ground source heat pump.  Total annual savings were $2,036 and the first year total utility cost was ($62).  Based on the solar PV production and electrical usage, the simple payback on the solar system was 11.3 years and the annual ROI equals 9%.

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One Response to 1st Year Solar Results

  1. Doug says:

    Nice report! So you are actually at close to zero financially on operating the house, and how close does that bring you to net-zero energy use?
    This is impressive – well done, and I’m envious!

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