Living Small, Living Local in Ann Arbor – Part 2

This article was recently posted on Green Builder Media’s Web Site as part of their GreenChix Series and contributed by Mark Johnson, FAIA.  Mark is a good friend, colleague and nationally renowned subject matter expert on green building and design.

In the article, Mark interviews my wife Linda regarding her perspective on living at 723 Spring Street in Ann Arbor.  723 Spring Street became the City of Ann Arbor’s first LEED Platinum house. This home was designed to weave into the surrounding neighborhood in style and function, while showcasing many different types of green building methods that make this home ultra-efficient.  In addition to ICF Construction and Geo-thermal Heating, the home also has an 8.6kW solar array and is near net-zero.  723 Spring Street will be on tour June 9th & 10th as part of Mission Zero Fest 2012 in the Water Hill Neighborhood of Ann Arbor.  

“Cute name. Serious commitment”Confident, smart and inspired, Green Chix are teachers, activists, business leaders, mothers and philosphers, infused with the power of nature to bring about positive change to a world in turmoil.

“This week I invited my friend, Linda Phillips, to share with Green Chix about her family’s experience after moving into a ‘green home’ on an urban-infill lot within walking distance of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their home at 723 Spring Street was designed and built by Meadowlark Builders, who specializes in building LEED certified homes. Here are excerpts from our interview along with a few short videos of Linda and her Husband, Scott, sharing about their green lifestyle!”   -   Click here for the full article!

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