Mission Zero Fest: An Innovative Event Showcasing Sustainable Living

Discover real solutions for saving money and living a more purposeful life in a fun and festive atmosphere June 9 and 10.  Tour six ultra-green homes, attend workshops led by renowned sustainability experts, grab some delicious local food, and dance in the streets with an incredible array of top musical acts.

Register at Mission Zero Fest to receive future updates.  The event is a two-day celebration of neighborhoods and communities that harvest their energy and water needs and produce no waste. Mission Zero Fest takes place Saturday, June 9 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, June 10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m in Ann Arbor’s Water Hill neighborhood, located just northwest of downtown.

Mission Zero Fest is a unique event unlike anything that’s been seen before — it’s part sustainability symposium, part environmental exhibition, part green home tour, and part neighborhood block party. While speakers and workshops exhibit the how and why of sustainability, organizations will exhibit an array of green products and services for living a healthier, more comfortable life with a lighter footprint. The two-day event offers grassroots solutions to a complex global problem, designed to inspire a greener, more fulfilling lifestyle in our homes.

Mission Zero Fest will feature real examples of sustainable living available all around us. The event will include: Tours of six ultra-green homes, including America’s oldest net-zero energy home, a passive solar home, and three LEED® Platinum homes.  Informative seminars and reskilling workshops led by leading experts in energy efficiency and sustainable living, including notable authors, experts, and a Nobel Laureate, presenting compelling visions of our future lives and the choices we face.  Live home energy assessments taking place all weekend, bringing homeowners into the process of home performance diagnosis and repair.

Exhibitor displays showcasing environmentally conscious companies and organizations.   Local food and food carts.  A line-up of live music acts and fun for the whole family.  Mission Zero Festival is being organized by a collective of regional green organizations, which include Ecology Center, Meadowlark Energy, Clean Energy Coalition, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Architectural Resource, 350.org, USGBC, GreenovationTV, Recycle.com, a2energy, Urban Ashes, Meadowlark Builders, Clean Water Action, and the City of Ann Arbor.

From home energy retrofits to homegrown tomatoes, Mission Zero Fest celebrates local, organic solutions to complex global problems. For our community, our country and our future, we seek to demonstrate real examples of conscious low-impact living, available all around you, in a fun and festive atmosphere. Learn more at www.missionzerofest.org.

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