Water Hill Music Fest – 2012

Thanks to Paul Tinkerhess and other supporters, Water Hill Music Fest 2012 is expected to be a repeat hit.  This organically conceived event is typical of this neighborhood which is undergoing a renaissance lately.  This is a unique music festival produced by residents of the Water Hill neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who perform on their porches while other neighbors and visitors stroll from house to house.

Water Hill resident designer Kate Uleman has put the finishing touches on this year’s festival t-shirt design and it is fantastic!  Here is a sneak peak at part of it.

Everyone on Water Hill who either is a musician or wants to pretend to be a musician is encouraged to step out onto their front porch and play music on the afternoon of the first Sunday in May. That’s it. Or half of it. The other half is that all other neighbors, and the rest of the world, are invited to wander through the neighborhood enjoying a music festival like no other.

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