GREAT Home Picture Gallery … using Pinterest

According to an article from Vinny LaBarbera of the Real Estate Marketing Blog, one of the most tedious forms of SEO is link building.  The article - Real Estate Link Building with Pinterest - discusses that getting a good amount of high quality, relevant links from other authoritative websites takes creativity, patience and a lot of trial and error. Fortunately, as new websites and trends pop up, so do opportunities for new ways to build links. Enter Pinterest.  The main idea / opportunity with Pinterest is to promote any and all of your best real estate images on Pinterest with the goal of having other users repin them on their boards.

I found that Pinterest is also a good way to showcase many of the features of 723 Spring Street for both a performance and style standpoint.  Click on the Pinterest logo to take you to the photo gallery of 723 Spring Street including both pictures and descriptions.

The Pinterest Page includes 5 boards including Interior Layout, Solar Installation, Product Manufacturer’s Gallery, Original Construction and Ann Arbor – Living Local.  Each board contains pins with both colorful images and descriptions.

I hope this post provides both realtors and homeowners with information and inspiration on using Pinterest to show off their homes!

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